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Hi everyone! Welcome to The Far Out Wisdom Podcast! Where we will explore unconventional ideas with the underdogs of the world. This podcast is a place of unorthodox individuals coming together to share their wisdom in hopes that we will teach each other lessons from our life experiences. My name is Boonn, I am the founder and host of F.O.W. My articles have appeared on social media pages like Uplift Connect, Educate Inspire Change, Collective Evolution, GoalCast and Jay Shetty's FB page. I strongly believe that there are wisdom all around us. I have the following mini series on my podcast call: Drunk Philosophy, Free Flow Mind Sex, The Wisdom of Star Trek, The Wisdom of Nietzsche and The Wisdom of Rick and Morty and Everyone Needs a Bj. Remember to leave a comment, a <3, and share this on many of the social networking platforms to share the wisdom with each other. As always, star far out! Bye!

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