Mid Season Q&A – Halloween, Discipline, and Snapchat


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Adam Griffin, Cassie Bryant, and Chelsea Griffin are answering listeners' questions!

Questions Covered in This Episode:

  • What does your family do for Halloween? How would you advise other believers around Halloween?
  • How do you balance working & motherhood?
  • I’d love to hear the team suss out how we can help our children discover the joy of serving others.
  • Biblical wisdom on how to move on from a “hard” discipline moment when you may have done it “wrong”?
  • Helping kids navigate big emotions and a tendency toward negativity.
  • What advice you would give to parents when they are not thinking about discipline or spiritual discipleship in the same way? What if your husband is not leading spiritually in the home?
  • How to build up a daughter’s self-esteem and confidence in a Godly way and prepare her to be strong in the Lord in the age of Instagram, influencers, models, etc.?
  • What advice do you have for a 14-year-old asking for Snapchat?

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