The Victims of Samuel Little, Part 5—The Long Shadow


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In this ALL NEW episode, citizen Samuel Little expert Bryan Worters updates us on the open cases of Samuel Little—including unmatched confessions, Jane Doe victims, and much more. Worters discusses previously unreleased case descriptions, possible solves, Little’s death, and new details in a number of Southeastern cases that may help close the remaining open cases.

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Written, researched, and hosted by Laurah Norton, with research assistance from Bryan Worters, Kim Fritz, Kyana Burgess, and Michaela Morrill/Interviews by Brooke Hargrove/Produced, scored, and engineered by Maura Currie/Content advisors are Brandy C. Williams, Liv Fallon, and Vic Kennedy/ Theme music by RJR/Special thanks to Angie Dodd

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