058 – Building Trust


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Whether it be in our business life or our personal life, trust is absolutely critical. In business, if you don’t trust someone, then you’re not going to do business with them. Also if you don’t trust your team members to do the particular work that you want them to carry out, and to the quality that you want them to carry it out to, then you’re going to end up either micro-managing them, or not delegating to them. Equally in your personal life, if you don’t trust someone – then you’re constantly going to be second-guessing them. You’ll develop paranoia and will want to know every little detail of their goings-on. And just like your team members, if you can’t trust them to do something, then it’s only going to lead to challenges in the relationship. Well on this episode of #TheExecutiveCode podcast, I explain what the three pillars are to building trust – especially the one that most people fall down on!


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