Episode 47 Plugging Your Invisible Drains


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Are you paying the price for your business's invisible drains? Even if you are aware of the issues, are you ignoring or avoiding them? Plugging the drains stealing money, time, and energy from your organization will not only keep you sustainable, but will also restore the piece of mind for you and your people. Learn what to do as a leader, how to save money, time, and energy through effective leadership practices, and why you need to lead exceptionally well from in-demand business coach, Anita Brooks. She's at the front line and in the trenches, allowing her to teach you strategies and tactics that truly work.

Discover more about Anita and P4 Power Coaching™ at anitabrooks.com. Listeners can contact Anita with questions or speaking and/or coaching queries at info@anitabrooks.com.

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