Episode 102: Coaching Spotlight: Ashley Marcum


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Episode 102: Coaching Spotlight: Ashley Marcum

Kicking off a new mini-series here on TEC, we invited up and coming coach Ashley Marcum onto our show today to discuss her growth trajectory as a new coach in the space. How do you go from 3 clients to 100? What systems should you have in place? Do you pay for marketing? Who should your target client be? The coaching industry has changed a lot since the forum and early social media days. if you are just getting into this space, how will you ensure you make it?


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The excellence cartel 9-7-21

:36 What kind of bike are you getting su? Last 7 days?

3:45 How is Ashley’s last 7 days?

5:54 Matt’s last 7 days

7:25 Jason’s last 7 days

9:35 Jeff blacks last 7 days

10:30 amino-pure.com TEC 15

10:45 TRM free consult mathewpark.com/tec

13:11 PEC5 Jan 28-29th

14:45 Ashley tell us a little about you

17:40 Where are you at with client load? And offer?

19:20 What is the value of your offer?

21:52 Why should someone work with you? How are you different?

23:00 What would you say is your client avatar? What are the pain points?

26:45 Su when did you start charging $1000/mo

28:30 Anything you would suggest about her social media

29:33 Do you have a call to action on your posts?

31:00 Have you ever offered a free fitness challenge or workout plan?

33:30 How long do clients stick with you?

34:45 How do you make sure your clients voice is heard?

37:38 How do you track your leads? And do you have a referral program?4

39:54 Do you use any apps for your clients?

51:30 What do you visualize yourself making/doing in 10 years? Client load etc?

52:20 How will your personal life change with your success? What are you trying to accomplish?

53:30 How heavy is the imposter voice in your head?

54:15 What do you think triggers your imposter voice in your head?

58:40 Nick, what is the biggest takeaway you had from this episode?

60:53 Ashley, what is your opinion on how this podcast has gone?

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