Episode 101 - 1st Phorm Weekend Recap


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Episode 101: 1st Phorm Weekend Recap We had an awesome weekend in St. Louis talking business with other top coaches in the industry at 1st Phorm headquarters and we wanted to share what we learned. Networking in this industry is extremely important and we didn't want to miss out on this chance to meet new and upcoming faces of coaching. If you couldn't make the trip down you can listen to our experience and maybe we'll see you at our next destination!


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1st Phorm Event Recap

:37 Trainer Revenue Multiplier www.mathewpark.com/tec free consultation

1:18 Amino Pure TEC15 15% discount

2:00 PEC 5 Dallas Jan 28 29

3:40 Jasons last 7 days

5:50 Jeff Su’s last 7 days

7:47 Jeff Blacks Last 7 days

9:45 Nick’s last 7 days

11:20 Jeff Su’s trip recap

14:35 What did you think of the 1st Phorm gym?

17:21 Jason’s trip recap

19:49 what did you think of the gym?

30:00 closing thoughts on why you should go to these events

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