A very merry spectacular xmas special from Dec 17, 2021


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Spike Jones - "My Birthday Comes on Christmas" - presents a Spectacular Xmas Special
Medicine - "Never Click" - Never Click
Douglas Leedy - "Good King Wenceslas" - A Very Merry Electric Christmas To You!
Leonard Nimoy - "Xmas Seals" - n/a
Boring Useless Productions - "Xmas through a Trash Compactor"
Lithium Xmas - "Jump Into the Fire" - Love & Napalm #1
H.O.D.I.C.A. - "Untitled side 1 excerpt" - When The Shit Hits The Fans [aka Head Of David]
Glyptoglossio - "Song 10" - 11 Albums
Sockeye - "Dear God, I Hate Christmas" - Eat Meat, Stop the Slaughter of Helpless Plants
Culturecide - "Depressed Christmas" - Tacky Souvenirs Of Pre-Revolutionary America
Tiny Tim - "The Christmas Song" - Tiny Tim's Christmas Album
Heavy Pauses - "They Found a Globe Made of Glass Which They Threw at the Moon" https://www.wfmu.org/playlists/shows/110814

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