Damaged Music For Damaged Times from Jun 27, 2022


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Mammane Sani - "Salamtu (79)" - La Musique Electronique Du Niger
Negativland - "Now" - Guns
Grim - "Grove / Frozen Limit" - Folk Music
Borbetomagus & Shaking Ray Levis - "Lady Big Boy (excerpt)" - Untitled
Metgumbnerbone - "Black Middens" - Nekrophile Box
Toy Muzik - "Introducing the Brides of Christ II part A (excerpt)" - The Beast 666 v/a
Holeist - "Stahlmesser" - split w. Illusion Of Safety
Ragnar Grippe - "side 3 excerpt" - Symphonic Songs https://www.wfmu.org/playlists/shows/117133

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