An afternoon at the Josephine Tropical Restaurant from Jul 22, 2021


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Stanley Black & His Orchestra - "Baia" - Exotic Percussion
Lucien Goethals - "Studie II" - Elektronische Produktie Van I.P.E.M. (V/A)
Chrome - "I Am The Jaw" - No Humans Allowed (Chrome Box)
Dave Phillips - "Things Falling Apart (excerpt)" - Sixth Mass Extinction
Nocturnal Emissions - "Home Video Warhead" - Drowning In A Sea Of Bliss (Anthems Of The Meat Generation)
High Strange - "Descend and You May See" - Woe Upon Me
Joseph Renzetti - "Dobbs Rebuilds Hitchhiker" - Dead and Buried soundtrack
Pilita Corrales - "Rosas Pandan" - Phillipine Love Songs Volume 1

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