How to Smoothly Migrate Your Law Firm’s Website and Keep Your SEO Gains with Matthew Laurin


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Matthew Laurin is the President of Esq.Marketing, a company that helps law firms generate more clients and cases using search engine marketing.

Matthew has been in the SEO business for over ten years. He possesses a long track record of repeatable success, achieving maximum ROI for SEO campaigns and leading teams to execute simple yet effective campaign strategies.

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If you own a law firm and your website is hosted by third-party directory platforms like FindLaw, you might find yourself wanting to get more out of your website. But, like many, you're afraid of losing all the advances you’ve made in your SEO strategy.

What if there was a way to migrate your website without losing your SEO rankings, branding, and functionality? Law firm SEO expert Matthew Laurin says it’s possible—but, there are few things to consider to make the process smooth.

Tune in to this episode of the Esq.Marketing Podcast with Matthew Laurin to find out more about migrating your law firm's website. He talks about why you should migrate your firm's website from platforms like FindLaw and Justia, how to go about it, and some things to consider for a trouble-free process.

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