From File to Trial: How to Run a Successful Solo Practice with Marc Wietzke


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Marc Wietzke is the Owner of Flynn & Wietzke PC. His practice is solely focused on the railroad industry and he represents injured passengers in their claims against commuter railroads, railroad workers who were hurt on the job, and those who were punished for reporting an injury, reporting a safety hazard or for following doctor's orders.

Marc is a successful trial attorney who has brought over 30 cases to verdict in the last 10 years alone with awards totaling over $20,000,000, not including settlements. He has won successful suits against carriers such as Long Island Rail Road, New Jersey Transit, Union Pacific RailRoad Springfield Terminal, MTA, Metro-North, CSX, and more.

In this episode…

If you’re thinking of going into solo trial practice, your knowledge of the law won’t be enough. According to Marc Wietzke of Flynn & Wietzke PC, you need to spend time watching trials and building your credibility by doing pro bono work. This will allow you to gain valuable experience and build trust in your name. Once you’ve established your credibility, marketing your law firm will not only be easier, it will also yield greater results.

In this episode of Esq. Marketing Podcast, Matthew Laurin interviews Marc Wietzke of Flynn & Wietzke PC about taking cases from file to trial and his best tips on how to successfully run a solo trial practice. They’ll also be discussing how Marc zeroed in on his industry focus for his practice, the tools he uses to efficiently run his firm, how he markets his firm to get clients, and more. Stay tuned.

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