How to get Operations and Lawyering Right When Starting a Law Firm with Jim Owen


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Jim Owen is the Founder of Koenig & Owen, LLC, a criminal defense law firm based in Columbus, Ohio. For more than a quarter-century, Jim has been involved in numerous criminal defense cases and won Ohio's first death penalty acquittal after the state reinstated executions. He has represented judges, members of Congress, professional athletes, and rappers. He has an impressive record of winning acquittals in felony jury trials and serving justice for those who have been wrongfully imprisoned.

In this episode…

Here’s the hard truth: your new law firm is a business. Whether you're operating solo from your home office or with a team in an office space, you want to get your operations and lawyering right early on. Jim Owen, the Founder of Koenig & Owen, LLC, wishes he nailed both aspects down in his firm's early days.

While Jim turned out a great criminal defense lawyer, he was not as adept when it came to the business of law. Since the start of his practice, he’s learned what to do differently in operations—and became a better lawyer as a result.

Catch all the details of how to get operations and lawyering right when starting a law firm on this episode of the Esq.Marketing Podcast with Matthew Laurin and Jim Owen, Founder of Koenig & Owen, LLC. Jim shares some of the big cases that shaped his career, what he wishes he did differently at first, the reasons behind his legal successes, and more.

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