Physical Activity and Wellness with Mental Health PT Fiyory Ghezae


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In today's episode, we are joined by Mental Health Personal Trainer (PT) Fiyory Ghezae. We learn more about what it means to work as a Mental Health PT and the importance of physical activity.


In this episode we talk about:

- What is a Mental health Personal Trainer?

- Fiyory's experience with Mental health.

- The importance of physical activity in general and particularly for our community.

- Tips for encouraging your parents to incorporate more exercise and movement.

- How to start seeing physical activity as something positive and how to make it more fun.


Get in touch with Fiyory and follow her work:

Instagram @pt_fiyory

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While we hope you love listening to and learning from the podcast, please note this is not a substitute for seeking professional help from licensed mental health professionals. Ruthie and Miki are not Mental health professionals, we are holding this space as community builders. We encourage you to seek professional help in your local area for any mental health concerns that you may be experiencing.

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