2053: Freeing Energy to Build Your Business with Bill Nussey Founder and Owner of Freeing Energy


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Bill Nussey is a career tech CEO with several exits, including a billion-dollar IPO. He is now launching several clean energy ventures, starting with Freeing Energy. This project started with a TED talk that grew into a top podcast, and is now a book, which hit Amazon’s #1 new release.

“show up early. You could think about that for minutes and hours and realise what it really means… But show up early. And the second thing is… And it’s kind of building on it which is be prepared. There is opportunities in your life where you don’t see it coming in something amazing is going to knock on your door. Have your ducks in a row and be ready to seize it. Plans are great but plans rarely come together. The successful people that I’ve met and worked with Cs the opportunities that they didn’t see coming and they are ready for them”…[Listen for More]

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