044 - From Project Management to Entrepreneurship with Vickie Velasquez


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Today, I am excited to interview Vickie Velasquez. Vickie shows us how she used the skills she learned working in project management to build a portfolio of successful businesses.

Vickie Velasquez Case Study

Vickie is featured in my new book Use Your Job to Quit Your Job. Below is the case study from the book where Vickie is featured. This comes directly from the book:

Vickie Velasquez is another great example. Vickie worked for twenty years in project management as a business analyst manager. Rather than starting a business about project management, she has started a portfolio of online businesses on various topics including vegetarianzen.com, a website that shares resources for living a more compassionate plant-based lifestyle, cheerybirdvintage.com selling vintage products, and firsttofinal.com a copywriting agency. Vickie took the tangential skills she learned on the job including communicating, presenting, and most importantly her project management skills to build her successful businesses. She uses the project management skills she learned to bring a project from start to finish, asking important questions such as “why am I doing this project?” and “is this in line with my ultimate goals?” to keep herself and her business on track, to avoid wasting time. These skills were necessary for Vickie to learn, in her career, to ensure her success as an entrepreneur. Now, Vickie is taking her skills and joining forces with her wife Larissa to build out a successful copywriting practice. Larissa has a background in professional copy editing and Vickie has grown into an expert copywriter. Combining Vickie’s project management and writing skills along with Larissa’s professional copy-editing background, they started the copywriting agency at firsttofinal.com. See how you can take your tangential skills, like Vickie did in project management, and build out a successful business?

This Interview

This interview is part of a series of case studies that I will be publishing to The Entrepreneur Ride Along Podcast over the coming weeks as I interview successful entrepreneurs in the online business space. These interviews and case studies will be featured in my newest book Use Your Job to Quit Your Job.

Resources Mentioned

Resources mentioned in this podcast episode:

· Use Your Job to Quit Your Job (the book)

· Vickie’s Business: cheerybirdvintage.com.

· Vickie’s Business: vegetarianzen.com.

· Vickie’s Business: firsttofinal.com.

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