E150 | A weekend of VAR controversy and Arsenal are left in the mud!


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Is VAR ruining the spirit of football. How many goals will be cancelled because of ignorant and clueless referee decisions that make no sense, What's the point of having VAR if it cannot be used properly.
Do these referees need to be retrained on the purpose Why VAR our was firstly implemented...
It's a joke.....it's a joke...
Anyway Manchester United stopped Arsenal's perfect run this season by defeating them three goals to one at Old Trafford.
Alexandra Mitrovic and Harry Kane cannot stop scoring while Haaland doesn't need to touch the ball a lot to score goals.
Brighton are forced to be reckoned with, after winning by five goals quite incredible achievement by Graham Porter
Scott McTominay has been brilliant for Manchester United so far this season I don't know what's gonna happen as a season progresses but he's looking really good.
Antony gets a debut goal against Arsenal, great stuff.... great stuff
Leicester City in tremendous trouble still the only team to have not won a match.
which is quite troubling and I know Everton haven't won a match but they have four points from 4 draws, so that's something right???
as for Leicester not a single win, 5 losses and a single draw..
now that's not looking good for Brendan Rodgers he could get the sack, if he's not careful.
Nottingham Forest after buying so many players, cannot find a path forward to get all the necessary points after almost winning a match ended up messing about when they hosted Bournemouth, who ended up getting the points needed... three points for them playing against a team that made the most transfers this season..
quite extraordinary.
Crazy opinion but Chelsea bought referees. Or VAR or referees are just shit.
Mendy what is he doing? And how is that a disallowed goal?? it's just a joke. and I'm not even gonna talk about the the Philip coutinho against Manchester City his disallowed goal. because referees are just mocking about... doing nonsense fam....
absolute nonsense ..

what should have been a beautiful weekend of teams winning and surprise losses for certain teams it's VAR controversy all over again.
we thought the season would be different, we thought they would have learnt their mistakes from the bullshit they did last season but it has not changed. it's still nonsense they still messing about... get actual formal players to do this VAR thing because they know toughness , physicality of the league. for this shit happens, you get tackled but it's not a fucking red card... it's not enough to disallow goals at every fucking waiting moment referees need to do better

anyway Manchester United won against Arsenal yeah haters cry Red Devils up.

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