Is Property Price Movement Data Reliable? | Kent Lardner, Suburb Help


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We are ending October with another Suburb Help episode!

This time, we’re talking about property price movement…is the data accurate?

Joining us to discuss this breakthrough research is none other than our resident data geek, Kent Lardner. We talk about the various patterns that reveal which segments of the market are heavily affected in a slowdown.

We also reveal areas that are undergoing major shifts and seeing big changes in supply, the metrics to identify better quality property investments, finding the right timing in a property boom, and more!

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See you in the episode!

Episode Highlights:

  1. Five markets that have undergone major shifts [03:50]
  2. The impact of the surge in listings [07:46]
  3. Your competition depends on your borrowing capacity [12:13]
  4. What’s the quality of listings in today’s market? [15:03]
  5. Is there a shift in the mentality of property owners? [24:00]
  6. How Kent Lardner sees patterns in data [27:21]
  7. Evergreen metrics: assessing supply issues [30:51]
  8. The art of finding great assets [37:24]
  9. Timing the market in a property boom [47:09]
  10. Borrowing capacity and FOMO as big drivers [55:51]

About our Guest:

Kent Lardner is a data science and business leader with over 30 years experience working for companies such as JLL, CoreLogic and General Electric. He has a passion for digital high growth businesses and has led teams of 5 to 200 people in both Australia and China.

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