John Zolidis - About what made him found his company, the retail sector and physical stores vs Amazon


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John Zolidis is an equity analyst and a registered investment advisor, President, and Founder of Quo Vadis Capital Inc.

He talks to Guy Spier about what made him found his own company, about the retail sector, and the battle between physical stores and Amazon. John also shares why he is fascinated with the Chinese market, as well as gives some insight into a company he has been following.

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(00:00:00) Introduction

(00:07:55) Life in Southampton, New York

(00:11:22) The Flaws of Sell-Side Research

(00:25:29) About the Retail Sector

(00:30:17) Difficulties in Apparel Retail

(00:47:21) Physical Stores vs. Amazon

(00:58:54) The French Luxury Sector and Big Surface Stores

(01:06:00) Investing in China: How to Minimize the Risks?

(01:17:33) Transition Between Research and Investment Management

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