Günther Dobrauz – Regulatory law in Switzerland, Blockchain technology and circular economy


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Guenther Dobrauz is a half-Swiss, half-Austrian lawyer, Leader of PwC Legal Switzerland, and a member of PwC’s Global Legal Leadership Team. In the past he has co-run one of the first Swiss venture funds. He is also the author of 10 books.

He talks to Guy Spier about regulatory law in Switzerland, his work at PwC, and his Austrian origins. Blockchain technology and circular economy are two of the main topics, being the focus of Exelixis Capital, an investment entity co-founded by Guenther Dobrauz, Sebastian von Doering and Michael Dieckell.

Full transcript available here: https://aqfd.docsend.com/view/t3awk5yugdv8i7hb


(00:00) Thinking Outside of the Box

(09:08) About PwC

(13:30) The Austrian Origins of Guenther Dobrauz

(18:19) Blockchain Technology and Cryptocurrencies

(23:36) The Founding of Exelixis Capital

(30:14) How to Choose the Right Opportunities?

(35:34) Books, Vinyl Records and Custom Motorcycles

(41:38) Lessons for Professional Success

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