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[00:01 - 04:47] Opening Segment

  • Gen on being in the founding team of Jungle Scout, a software for Amazon sellers
  • Wanting to serve the Shopify merchants who have different sets of challenges, they founded Prehook
    • Going live for two years and helping hundreds of clients

[04:48 - 10:10] Fostering a Direct Relationship With the Consumer

  • What brands should know about zero-party data
    • It’s information willingly shared by the customer
    • It comes directly from the customer so it’s less “dirty”
  • By collecting zero-party data through quizzes, we can understand our customers better

[10:11 - 14:55] Improve Marketing Strategies with Zero-Party Data

  • We can segment our customers and create campaigns more tailored and relevant to them
  • Gen discusses a great use case example of how zero-party data can help pair the customer to the right product
  • Using the quiz at the top and bottom of the funnel

[12:57 - 16:47] Closing Segment

  • Reach out to Gen!
  • Final words

Connect with Gen at! Find him on Twitter and LinkedIn, and check out the Prehook website.

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Tweetable Quotes

“As you're moving further and further away from zero-party data, which is actively shared, you are getting muddier insights, dirtier data, so to speak.” - Gen Furukawa

“Zero party data can be really helpful because it shares an insight into why you're purchasing this product. Whatever it is, whatever questions you're asking me, I'm sharing directly with you.” - Gen Furukawa

“So this whole customer journey kind of before the purchase at the top of funnel or after the purchase, learning about the attribution, how they heard about us or what the thoughts of the product are are critical and you can capture that at scale with a quiz.” - Gen Furukawa

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