TEA 57: Using AI To Beat iOS 14.5 From $60M+ In Ad Spend w/ Matt Harward & Stafford Newsome


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AI is transforming marketing by the day – and these two guys are lightyears ahead of anyone I've seen in leveraging it for marketing. In this episode, you'll learn how they're leveraging "Rapid Experimentation" and AI to fight against iOS 14.5.
Matt Harward is the CMO of The MESSI Brand & MGO Global, has produced $400M+ in revenue from his two 9-figure & multiple 8-figure brands. He's personally spent more than $60M on Facebook Ads and recently took one of his companies public.
Stafford Newsome is the Co-Founder/President of Unicorn Industries – the company they both own that develops tech & processes for their brands.
Every time I bring these guys on the podcast, my business grows and I make a lot more money from implementing what they teach. I have no doubt it'll do the same for your business!

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