#133 Jitendra Vaswani From DigiExe: SEO Tips That Actually Work


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#133 Jitendra Vaswani From DigiExe: SEO Tips That Actually Work

Welcome to a brand new episode of The Ecom Show! Today we’ve got the SEO wizard, serial entrepreneur, international keynote speaker, and bestselling author, Jitendra Vaswani, here with us today.

Jitendra is an expert at SEO and affiliate marketing, and in this episode, he very graciously shared the strategy that has helped him earn over 1.5 million clicks on his website. Jitendra’s journey has been extremely insightful and inspiring as he taught himself SEO from scratch.

Give this episode a listen if you’re someone interested in learning about how to get started with SEO, affiliate marketing websites, and CRO. This episode also goes beyond the technical learning as Jitendra opens up about his personal journey of being a self-starter.

Before we get started, here’s a quick recap:

The Ecom Show is an e-commerce podcast sponsored by Budai Media. We cover everything from e-commerce retention marketing to website optimization, customer engagement, and everything else related to e-commerce. This show is hosted by Daniel Budai, the founder, and CEO of Budai Media. Budai Media is a retention marketing agency that’s helped over 100+ e-commerce stores hyper-scale their business through personalized email and SMS marketing campaigns.

Join Jitendra and Daniel in this episode of The Ecom Show to learn more about:

⭐How Jitendra Has Received Over 1M+ Clicks On His Website Using SEO.

⭐How to learn SEO from scratch.

⭐SEO and CRO Tips That Actually Work.

⭐Content Strategy Advice For Creating An Affiliate Marketing Website.

⭐The Mindset Needed To Build A Successful Empire.

⭐Jitendra’s biggest business mentor and his advice on how to upskill yourself.

We hope you enjoyed listening to this episode; we come out with new episodes every Tuesday and Thursday!

Keep in touch with Jitendra:

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Check out his podcast: https://open.spotify.com/show/34YT8hBIjVFhXCh658TBWO.

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