Easy Allies Podcast #288 - October 15, 2021


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Activision finally takes a proactive stand against cheating in Call of Duty Warzone while the EEOC and DFEH fight over who gets to litigate them. Also FIFA asks EA for more money, Google counter-sues Epic, and even more gaming properties come to the big screen.

00:01:08 - Corrections

00:04:23 - Starring Role

00:08:19 - Call of Duty’s Ricochet

00:32:34 - EA and FIFA parting ways?

00:44:59 - A Word From Our Sponsors

00:47:59 - System Shock and other series

00:58:34 - Google counter-sues Epic

01:04:12 - DFEH vs EEOC vs Activision

01:10:02 - Also This Week

01:18:08 - Game: Name That Mario Party Mini Game

01:24:28 - L&R - How long until a game becomes great?

01:31:34 - L&R - Preferred review time?

01:39:49 - L&R - Underappreciated parts of the community?

01:43:56 - Time For Bets

01:47:33 - Closing

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