Easy Allies Podcast #285 - September 24, 2021


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This week is about playing demos and surprise remasters on the Switch while we keep laughing at or crying about the Super Mario movie cast. Also, THQ brings a batch of old franchises new life, Quantic Dream might be making a Star Wars game, and Titanfall 3 is not not happening

00:01:07 - Corrections

00:03:03 - Starring Role

00:06:23 - Super Mario Movie Cast

00:22:27 - Nintendo Direct Announcements

00:44:08 - Nintendo Direct Updates

00:59:27 - A Word From Our Sponsors

01:03:59 - THQ Nordic Showcase

01:09:39 - Quantic Dream Star Wars Game

01:18:26 - Titanfall 3 hype

01:25:15 - Also This Week

01:30:35 - Game: Touhou or No Bro!

01:34:19 - L&R - Outside resource help?

01:38:03 - L&R - Average completion percentage?

01:41:49 - L&R - GOTY anti-spoiler preparation?

01:43:47 - Time For Bets

01:46:37 - Closing

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