Easy Allies Podcast #272 - June 25, 2021


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Now that the E3 news train has left the station, we dive into some truly strange headlines. Blue Box continues to deny the Kojima rumors, Harada kind of admits Tekken X Street Fighter is canceled, and Facebook wants to get you closer to their ads than ever before.

00:00:40 - Corrections

00:01:50 - Blue Box and Hideo Kojima

00:16:07 - Tekken X Street Fighter canceled

00:26:06 - A Word From Our Sponsors

00:29:54 - VR Facebook ads

00:48:27 - Also This Week

00:54:39 - Game: Harrison Ford or Randy Pitchford?

00:58:35 - L&R - Steam Next Fest favorites

01:00:18 - L&R - What will blow up next from Japan?

01:05:06 - L&R - PS5 recommendation update

01:06:46 - L&R - How do you communicate demand?

01:11:57 - Time For Bets

01:19:34 - Closing

01:20:41 - June Producer Credits

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