Easy Allies Podcast #269 - June 4, 2021


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E3 is upon us! Whatever form this year’s show will take, Ubisoft, Microsoft, Square Enix, Nintendo, and many more are getting ready to make big news. We handle our expectations with care while going down the event list, day by day, unlikely announcement by unlikely announcement.

00:01:18 - Corrections

00:03:25 - Silver Lining

00:04:38 - Ubisoft at E3

00:17:26 - Microsoft at E3

00:27:57 - Square Enix at E3

00:42:03 - A Word From Our Sponsors

00:45:20 - Nintendo at E3

00:58:49 - Capcom at E3

01:02:42 - Everyone Else at E3

01:06:48 - Also This Week...

01:11:56 - L&R - Is PS4 cross-gen anti-consumer?

01:21:06 - L&R - What good RE words have IX in them?

01:23:25 - L&R - Game: Speedrun or Accounting Term

01:29:25 - Time For Bets

01:34:52 - Closing

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