Easy Allies Podcast #267 - May 21, 2021


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As usual, Geoff Keighley plans to kick off “E3” this year, but what should we expect? We brace for another weird summer as Timesplitters re-appears, WB Games gets broken up, more publishers submit financial reports, and Apple v Epic makes us chuckle some more.

00:00:41 - Corrections

00:03:23 - Silver Lining

00:04:16 - Timesplitters studio formed

00:15:36 - Summer Games Fest Kick-Off

00:30:02 - WB Games breaking up

00:34:39 - A Word From Our Sponsors

00:40:04 - Take-Two financial report

00:48:19 - Square Enix financial report

01:02:33 - Apple v Epic continued

01:11:58 - Also This Week...

01:18:16 - L&R - Celebrating Kentaro Miura

01:21:12 - L&R - Forgiving yourself for screwing up

01:27:32 - L&R - Wait for PSVR2 for RE8?

01:28:01 - L&R - Game: Divisive Battle

01:37:48 - Time For Bets

01:42:55 - Closing

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