Easy Allies Podcast #266 - May 14, 2021


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With updates on the next Vive and PSVR, we start with a look at upcoming VR tech. Then it’s earnings time has several publishers end their fiscal years, the Video Game Hall of Fame inducts 4 more titles, and the silliness of Epic v Apple continues.

00:01:01 - Corrections

00:05:13 - Silver Lining

00:06:51 - PlayStation 5 VR update

00:20:18 - Ubisoft earnings call

00:39:01 - Japanese Publisher Revenue Game

00:55:08 - A Word From Our Sponsors

01:00:55 - Video Game Hall of Fame 2021

01:10:34 - Epic v Apple Continued

01:20:42 - Also This Week...

01:27:36 - L&R - Explain “Metroidvania”

01:32:03 - L&R - Ever had a meme ruin a game?

01:40:47 - L&R - Is there a place for classic RE?

01:47:07 - Time For Bets

01:51:51 - Closing

01:53:44 - Assassin’s Creed Valhalla cutscene

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