Easy Allies Podcast #265 - May 7, 2021


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While we’re unqualified to examine the court case between Epic and Apple, the documents released from it are fun to peek at. We chuckle at financial reports and private emails while pondering a return to Sunset Overdrive, Game Builder Garage’s surprise announcement, the best-selling Star Wars games ever, and our favorite moments from Giant Bomb.

00:00:00 - Opening

00:00:59 - Corrections

00:03:49 - Silver Lining

00:05:45 - Epic v Apple legal documents

00:46:51 - Giant Bomb restructuring

00:56:28 - A Word From Our Sponsors

01:04:36 - Game Builder Garage announced

01:15:01 - Sunset Overdrive legal filing

01:21:43 - Top Selling Star Wars Games

01:28:52 - Also This Week...

01:39:55 - L&R - Do we love digital doubles?

01:46:00 - L&R - Game: Monster or Pokémon?

01:50:12 - L&R - Game: Same Game Engine?

01:56:56 - Time For Bets

02:01:27 - Closing

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