Easy Allies Podcast #259 - March 26, 2021


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Spring has sprung for the Future Games Show while Amazon takes another crack at creating a new IP and Australia panics over Disco Elysium. Then it’s a round of pure speculation as rumors circle about Microsoft buying Discord and Sony shutting down old-gen marketplaces.

00:00:39 - Corrections

00:02:07 - Silver Lining

00:04:09 - Future Games Show Spring Showcase

00:20:24 - Microsoft wants to buy Discord

00:32:36 - Sony shutting down marketplaces

00:47:34 - A Word From Our Sponsors

00:51:55 - Amazon’s new Montreal studio

01:00:13 - Disco Elysium banned in Australia

01:06:34 - Also This Week...

01:15:17 - L&R - Ben’s take on Sony and Evo

01:20:30 - L&R - Game: Board or Bust!

01:27:16 - L&R - Let’s talk anime games

01:34:19 - Time For Bets

01:38:30 - Closing

01:40:01 - March Producer Credits

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