Easy Allies Podcast #245 - December 18, 2020


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November’s NPDs give us a clearer picture of what everyone wanted and was able to buy when next-gen launched, before we also dig into reports of EA outbidding Take Two for Codemasters and evaluate the big 3’s big ideas on “Safer Gaming.” But the real breaking news is Cyberpunk’s continued launch woes, including a hot headline hitting while the podcast was rolling.

00:00:37 - Corrections

00:05:15 - Silver Lining

00:07:19 - November NPDs

00:27:13 - EA’s bid for Codemasters

00:41:39 - A Word From our Sponsors

00:49:23 - “Shared Commitment to Safer Gaming”

01:02:54 - Cyberpunk 2077 Updates

01:26:56 - Also This Week...

01:34:09 - L&R - Holiday break backlogs

01:36:03 - L&R - PS1 demake requests

01:37:51 - L&R - Game: Fastest Any% Speedrun

01:43:03 - L&R - Most broken game we’ve played

01:44:15 - Time for Bets

01:48:54 - Closing

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