Ep 61: The one about samurais, space dragons, and booze with Nick Steverson


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(The Dudes in Hyperspace Podcast is presented by Chris Kennedy Publishing.)

The Dudes chat with bestselling scifi author Nick Steverson about his career in writing and his rapidly expanding work with the Salvage Title Universe and beyond.

The guys also take a minute to talk whiskey and spirits with “the Liquor Ferry.” (Producer’s Note: If you know, you know.)

Interview Segment: Nick Steverson

Topics included:

  • Nick’s journey from wanna be writer and fan to bestselling author.
  • Chocolate in the Peanut Butter: Nick’s recipe for blending fantasy elements into his scifi.
  • The origins of the Dahkal character and story.
  • What’s next on the horizon?
  • Nick’s secret identity as “the Liquor Ferry” at cons.
  • Whiskey and spirits talk.
Visit Nick’s website at nicksteverson.com to learn more about his books and subscribe to his mailing list. You can also follow him on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


The guys break down the latest news from Chris Kennedy Publishing, including this week’s new releases:

Ian also runs down CKP’s latest audio release and book deal news.

Air it Out Segment

The guys “air it out” with updates on their various writing projects and event schedules. They also opine on the latest happenings from the worlds of sports, music, pop culture, and more.

  • Ian – Puppy training is a thing + the 2022 Bay County Writer Fest in Panama City is right around the corner on Oct. 22!
  • Rob – Reading the classics, watching the Cowboys, and publishing audiobooks.
  • Kevin – Hitting the road for FactoryCon in NC, then coming home to be a Guest of Honor at HallowCon.
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