Ep 57: The one with Kevin J. Anderson


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The guys chat with New York Times bestselling author Kevin J. Anderson about his writing career, his work with Neil Peart of the iconic rock band, Rush, and more.

Interview Segment: Kevin J. Anderson

Topics included:

  • The genesis of Kevin’s writing career.
  • What are the core traits of a KJA story?
  • Advice for new authors in 2022.
  • The role of the band Rush in Kevin’s writing.
  • Kevin’s friendship with Rush drummer, Neil Peart
  • The origins of the Kevin and Neil’s CLOCKWORK series.
  • Kevin’s hopes for CLOCKWORK DESTINY.
  • Kevin’s work with Brian Herbert, and what’s in store for DUNE.
Grab your copy of Kevin’s latest novel, CLOCKWORK DESTINY (co-written by Peart) at https://bit.ly/3dr1iU4 then be sure to follow Kevin on Facebook and Twitter (@ TheKJA). You can also sign up for Kevin’s newsletter at https://wordfirepress.com/


New Release — Embers and Ash + The Lyons’ Pride

The guys break down the latest news from Chris Kennedy Publishing, including this week’s new releases:

Ian also runs down CKP’s latest audio release and book deal news.

Air it Out Segment

The guys “air it out” with updates on their various writing projects and event schedules. They also opine on the latest happenings from the worlds of sports, music, pop culture, and more.

  • Ian — Turning Dan Marino into a scifi character + Better Call Saul series finale reaction.
  • Rob — Recovering from Pensig. New Mythology Press rolls on.
  • Kevin — Cons abound, CKPi news.
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