Ep 51: The one about casual buddy chats and Ian's trip to The Hole


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(The Dudes in Hyperspace Podcast is presented by Chris Kennedy Publishing.)

The guys take a break from guests and discussions about the craft to chill out and chat about the various happenings in their personal lives and author journeys.

Topics discussed include:

  • Rob is ready for some downtime after his latest release.
  • Kevin has a new puppy.
  • Ian survives the vacation from hell out at sea.
  • The explosion of CKP International.
  • Ideal vacation spots.
  • The downside of auto-tips for bar tabs.
  • The yin and yang of excitement vs. exhaustion when writing.

The guys break down the latest happenings around Chris Kennedy Publishing including this week’s new releases:

Ian also runs down the latest audio and book news from CKP.

Pod Mail Segment

The guys answer questions from their listeners!

Topics Include:

  • Doctor Who welcomes its newest Time Lord.
  • How should sports fans respond to owners who won’t spend money on the team?
  • Doctor Strange 2 reactions.
  • The F1 Miami Grand Prix + the unique challenges of road vs. oval racing.
  • Winners and losers from the 2022 NFL Draft.
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