Ep 47: The one about spring football with draft guru Joe DeLeone


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Former FCS standout and current analyst Joe DeLeone joins the show to discuss the state of spring football leading up to the launch of the United States Football League (USFL) 2.0 in April.

The News

The guys offer up the latest news about their current book projects and event schedules.

  • REDACTED WEAPON from Kevin Steverson and Kevin Ikenberry is set for release later this month.
  • Ian hits his story stride with THE LAST ARGONAUT
  • FantaSci in Raleigh is right around the corner.
Interview Segment: Joe DeLeone Interview

Joe DeLeone dishes on what could make the USFL successful, especially now that the league’s primary competition, the XFL, has forged an alliance with the National Football League.

Subjects include:

  • What makes this version of the USFL different and why should fans care?
  • The role of Fox Sports in making the league a success
  • How does the XFL’s partnership with the NFL impact the USFL?
  • Could the XFL and USFL merge one day?
  • How does the rise of spring football impact college players in the NIL era?
  • How does a legit option for payment impact high school players evaluating college?
  • The role of new and social media platforms in promoting spring football
For more on Joe and his background in football, be sure to follow him on Twitter — @joedeleone. You can also check out his shows — the NFL Draft Prospects Podcast and the FCS Football Podcast — on YouTube or most major podcasting platforms.


The guys break down the latest happenings around Chris Kennedy Publishing including this week’s new release — SEED IN THE SKY by Mike Jack Stoumbos. Grab your copy today at https://amzn.to/3sG2fNp.

Ian also runs down the latest audio and book news from CKP.

Pod Mail Segment

The guys answer questions from their listeners!

Subjects Include:

  • Reacher on Amazon Prime Video
  • The MLB lockout
  • The Batman expectations + how the guys would write their own Bat story
  • What’s next for Kailey Jackson in the Asur trilogy (Salvage Title Universe)
  • Beer recommendations (standard issue and non-alcoholic) from the Emerald Coast
The Dudes’ Pod Mail segment is presented by the International Association of Science Fiction and Fantasy Authors (IASFA). Learn more about IASFA and their new Space Adventure book bundle at https://iasfa.org/ (Available for a limited time only!)

White Flag

The guys look ahead to what’s on tap in the days ahead including books to read, meat to grill, and the return of “Drive to Survive” on Netflix.

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