Ep 46: The one about military psychics, noir, and Steeler football with Kacey Ezell


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The News

The guys go briefly around the horn with the latest news about their current book projects and event schedules.

  • Rob had a blast at Superstars but is ready to get back to writing.
  • Ian is locked and loaded for Pensacon.
Interview Segment: Kacey Ezell

Bestselling scifi author Kacey Ezell makes her triumphant return to the show to discuss her new book, SKIES TO CONQUER, the much-anticipated finale to her critically acclaimed PSYCHE OF WAR trilogy.

Topics include:

  • Kacey’s return to the world of psychics in warfare
  • Her historical inspirations behind the series’ foundation and its characters
  • Helicopter pilots writing helicoptery pilot things in fiction
  • Kacey’s love of the noir genre and its application in scifi
  • The new NO GAME FOR KNIGHTS anthology edited by Kacy and Larry Correia
  • What makes a Pittsburgh Steeler?
For more about Kacey and her books, visit kaceyezell.com. Listeners can also follow Kacey’s new YouTube Channel, titled KACEY EZELL WRITER LIFE.


The guys break down the latest happenings around Chris Kennedy Publishing including this week’s new release — SKIES TO CONQUER by Kacey Ezell. Grab your copy at https://amzn.to/3oPbDMj

Ian also runs down the latest pre-release, audio, and book news from CKP.

On the Stump Segment

Rob and Ian weigh in on Super Bowl 56 and their displeasure with NFL officiating.

Pod Mail Segment

The guys answer questions from their listeners!

Topics Include:

  • The Lord of the Rings Amazon series and Super Bowl trailer
  • Which of the Dudes’ characters would fit into the Star Wars universe alongside Cad Bane
  • Latest news and thoughts on the USFL
  • Favorite conferences and conventions
The Pod Mail segment is presented by the International Association of Science Fiction and Fantasy Authors (IASFA).

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