Ep 39: The one about foodie goodness and editing horror stories with Mia Kleve


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Segment 1: Mia Kleve Interview

Editor extraordinaire and noted food critic Mia Kleve drops some serious “meat and potatoes” knowledge for busy authors about what makes for a good meal, and a good manuscript.

Topics include:

  • Cooking on a budget (money and time)
  • Turning something old into something new in the kitchen
  • To Bean or Not to Bean? That is the (chili) question
  • Rocky Mountain Oysters: Adventurous cuisine or “Hell to the Nah!”
  • What are the different types of editing that authors can pay for?
  • Which services does Mia provide through her company, MRK’d Up Editing?
  • Know your genre before hiring an editor
  • Tactics and techniques for attracting agents and publishers
  • Submission guidelines are an author’s best friend

For more about Mia and her editing services, or to book a consultation, visit her website at http://www.mrkdup.com/. You can also follow her on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.


The guys break down the latest happenings around Chris Kennedy Publishing (CKP) including this week’s new releases — HARBINGER by Kevin Ikenberry, IT TAKES MORE KINDS edited by Kevin Steverson, and A NEST OF STARS by Matt Novotny.

Ian also runs down the latest pre-release, audio, and book news from CKP.

Segment 2: Open Segment + Pod Mail

The guys go “around the horn” with news on their various projects including:

  • FactoryCon recap
  • 20Books Conference in Las Vegas

Pod Mail and White Flag Topics:

  • Rob gives 5 stars to DUNE
  • Ian and Kevin are cautiously optimistic about the new MORBIUS trailer
  • Kevin Steverson KNOWS pizza!
  • It’s go time in the NFL
  • Denny Hamlin is a moron + NASCAR title weekend talk
  • Yellowstone and Dexter return to TV

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