Ep 38: The one with Casey Moores and loads of "Bull"


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Segment 1: Casey Moores Interview

Bestselling scifi author Casey Moores joins the show to discuss his numerous new releases including MESS WITH THE BULL and UNSHACKLED in the Four Horsemen Universe (4HU). Casey also offers fans a unique insight into the origins of his fictitious 4HU “action hero,” Buff Orpington.

Topics include:

  • Casey’s career as a U.S. Air Force pilot
  • Turning real-life military service into fictional stories that don’t need redacting
  • Casey’s beginnings as a writer
  • Advice for new writers
  • Casey’s work with various anthologies including TALONS AND TALISMANS
  • The origins of Bull and company in the 4HU
  • Chipmunk aliens like “Die Hard,” too

For more about Casey and his books, visit his website at caseymoores.net. You can also follow him on Facebook via his author page and the CKP Facebook groups.


The guys break down the latest happenings around Chris Kennedy Publishing including this week’s new releases — INFILTRATION (Murphy’s Lawless: Mission Critical Book 1) by Griffin Barber and FRESH FRUIT AND AMMO (Abner Fortis ISMC Book 3) by P.A. Piatt.

Ian also runs down the latest pre-release, audio, and book news from CKP.

Segment 2: Open Segment + Pod Mail

The guys go “around the horn” with news on their various projects including:

  • Kevin and Rob head to FactoryCon 2021 in North Carolina
  • Ian is circling in on his next project

Pod Mail Topics:

  • The Batman trailer two underwhelms (par for the course with DC Entertainment in 2021)
  • CFB Hot Seat Talk: Ed Orgeron is out at LSU. Who’s next?
  • Writers sharing their favorite music on social media
  • Action Heroes of the 80s and 90s

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