Ep 36: The One with Kacey Ezell, Dragons, and 80s TV


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Segment 1: Kacey Ezell Interview

Bestselling scifi/fantasy author Kacey Ezell joins the show to chat about her new novel collaboration with the Dudes’ own Kevin Steverson — SALVAGE MOTHER. The group also discusses Kacey’s career as a military helicopter pilot turned fiction writer and her various other projects with CKP and Baen Books among others.

Other topics include:

  • Kacey’s writing preferences for music and setting
  • 90s Guilty Pleasure Bands
  • Go-to hangover remedies for early-morning con panels
  • Best LibertyCon breakfast food
  • Zombie bar fight allies
  • Writing inspirations
  • Classic 80s TV

For more about Kacey and her work, visit kaceyezell.net then be sure to follow her on Facebook and Discord.

For more about Kevin and his work, visit kevinsteverson.com then be sure to follow him on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


The guys break down the latest happenings around Chris Kennedy Publishing including this week’s new releases — SALVAGE MOTHER by Kevin Steverson and Kacey Ezell.

Ian also runs down the latest pre-release, audio, and book deal news from CKP.

Segment 2: Open Segment + Pod Mail

The guys go “around the horn” with news on their various projects including:

  • Several new projects ready for launch at New Mythology Press
  • Kevin is a vampire who writes instead of sleeping
  • Ian’s hiatus reads

Pod Mail Topics:

  • NFL Week 2 results
  • The Matrix Resurrections trailer
  • Ian’s still salty about the L.A. NASCAR race; Chase Elliott is a punk
  • The Salvage Title Universe is blowing up
  • The Great Social Media Debate: Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram vs. MeWe, Twitch, and Discord

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