DUDES ON SITE: The guys check in from FantaSci 2021


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Ian, Rob, and Kevin caught up in the hotel bar over coffee for the final morning of the wildly successful 221 FantaSci convention in Durham, NC. Topics discussed include:

  • Favorite Panels from the weekend
  • Screeching Cats (aka Saturday night’s karaoke escapades)
  • Catching up with old friends, other writers
  • Johnny Minion = the wet willie ninja
  • ‘The Street Survivors’ is a smash hit with more to come from Swamp Eagle Security
  • Major announcements regarding new Salvage Title books
  • Briscoe Woods’s hat
  • Big things happening with New Mythology Press

Chris Woods also drops in for a quick chat about what’s new in the massively popular FALLEN WORLD series from Blood Moon Press.

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