Helen Johannesen, Co-Founder of Helen’s Wines & Jon & Vinny’s: Wine 101, Difference Between Organic and Biodynamic Wine, How to Pick Wines at Restaurants and More


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On today’s episode, I’m chatting with co-founder of Helen’s Wines & Jon & Vinny’s, Helen Johannesen. If you’re from LA, you already heard of Jon & Vinny’s, but for those who are not from the area, Jon & Vinny’s is a go-to Italian spot with a wine shop called Helen’s Wines. Helen’s Wines delivers a curated and experiential collection of wines that are focused on naturally-driven and organically farmed labels and small production vineyards. Helen has come on today to share her passion for wines and tell us everything we need to know about wines - from how they are produced, finding quality wines, and expanding & building your pallet. We also spill the tea on the difference between organic and biodynamic wines, how to pick wines at restaurants, and so much more.

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