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This week, John & Amy speak with Chana Ross. Chana is a Pelvic Physiotherapist & Clinic Director at Vital Physiotherapy & Wellness in Toronto, ON. She is also a mother of 4 & host of She Has The Audacity, a podcast about women who are entrepreneurs, leaders & mothers that want to leave their mark on the world. In this episode John, Amy & Chana discuss the connection that is created in postpartum between physical & mental health & the struggles women have that are not outwardly addressed in our culture. Chana & Amy illustrate the direct relationship between the pelvic floor & the nervous system & how that influences life outside of motherhood. Chana shares her strategy for managing a very busy life & she tells us why she prefers the word “birth” over “delivery”.

Amy & John start this episode with a story about John neglecting a minor health issue even after 2 doctors (Amy & his therapist) told him to have it looked at. John shares his experience when the issue is finally treated & Amy explains how a minor health problem gone unchecked can lead to a major problem. John’s drama continues when, immediately after his treatment, he has to pick up his soaking wet child at daycare, stop by the pharmacy for his prescription & suffers the side effects of the medication.

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As always, John & Amy remind us that We’re Not Alone.
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