EP90: "Sport has the Power to Change the World" - Nelson Mandela


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These famous words are certainly true as sport unites, develops and build societies, including playing a very important and pivotal role at school level. With SuperSport having recently launched their SuperSport Schools initiative, there is no better person to chat with us this week on The DOC & The GURU Podcast than Rendani Ramovha, the Senior Commercial Manager at SuperSport. So listen in as Rendani shares his and the company’s vision of making more school sports, more accessible, on more platforms, to more people, more of the time. By embracing technology and collaborating with other content creators, SuperSport, as one of the world’s top sports broadcasters, is constantly reinventing and staying relevant with innovations like this. A big congratulations must also go to Nashua for coming on board as both the presenting sponsor and enablement partner, by providing and managing a lot of the equipment and technical requirements to make this idea a reality. Don’t miss another very interesting episode of The DOC & The GURU Podcast for Free to hear about this fantastic initiative to grow school sport and get more sports stars to shine! #marketing #media #innovation #schoolsport

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