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Bennet Newsome joins us today to talk about esports and gaming formal education, streaming, and how to use business education to make a career out of a passion.

Bennet is the Director of Esports Growth & Development at Full Sail University, a Twitch partner passionate about community building and gaming, co-owner of, and host of XurWatch on Twitch. Bennet is also a musician, a lifelong gamer, and a tireless advocate for promoting and facilitating opportunities in esports and gaming for high school and college students.

In this episode, we delve into Bennett's transition from music to esports and gaming, his journey as a facilitator and growth promoter in the gaming and esports space, and his evolution as a streamer and host. Bennett shares details of Full Sail's programs in gaming and esports and the university's approach to the industry's business side.

We also talk about Bennett's experience as a musician and the lessons he learned on the road that helped him in his role at Full Sail, his relationship with gaming and streaming, and much more.


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