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I kind of like this week's Dividend Cafe. We are going to do a very quick look into how the Fed fuels Japanification, but more specifically, how low-interest rates hurt growth. It is one thing (and a more severe one at that) that monetary policymakers generally view artificially low rates as a really good thing to fuel economic growth, but at this stage in my life and career, there is little I can do about that. It is another thing altogether that so many investors think is a great thing. Today I want to do a quick lesson on why it is not just wrong but a dangerous fallacy, that is, wait for it, undermining economic growth.

Speaking of growth, many want to know when the Emerging Markets will deliver it. I think you will benefit from that lesson today as well. Unfortunately, the EM gain is likely to be Europe's pain, so get ready for a case of hot-cold.

And finally, I want to add to last week's talk about "gross domestic product" in how we think about economic growth. You may find it illuminating.

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