82. K-12 School Systems, Seize This Moment! A Conversation with Thomas Arnett


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Tom Arnett is Senior Research Fellow – Education at The Clayton Christensen Institute, where he studies instructional models and demand for innovative resources and practices across the K-12 education system. In this episode, he joins host Michael Horn to dig into his latest research, sharing insights on what Clay’s frameworks can tell us about recent developments in online learning and also how the incorporation of new techniques in K-12 schooling models might evolve as we slowly emerge from the pandemic. For instance, can lessons learned on what not to do with online learning help to ignite its adoption going forward? How are teachers thinking about their instructional models in a world rocked by pandemic disruption? How have school systems' RPPs affected their response to the pandemic? And will schools work to reinvent their business models to accommodate changing stakeholder expectations or will K-12 schools remain largely unchanged in the longer term? Listen to this engaging conversation to hear Tom’s thoughts on these important questions and more!

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