83. Corporate Innovation and Venture Building: A Conversation with Christina Nesheva


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In her new role as CEO at Officinae Bio, Christina Nesheva is working to create an inherently innovative organization that pushes the boundaries of nature co-design. In doing so, she draws on her experience having led one of the pharmaceutical industry's first innovation labs, at ViiV Healthcare, along with her time driving innovation, change, and new product commercialization at the pharmaceutical giant, GSK. In this episode, Christina, who is also a startup mentor and author of The Entrepreneur's BattleBook, joins host Erika Meldrim to reflect on what it takes to advance innovation at both incumbent and startup organizations. Inspired by Clay’s research, they discuss the role of senior leadership in supporting innovation at large companies; the critical insights gained from maintaining a focus on customers’ Jobs To Be Done; the challenges and opportunities associated with operating on two tracks, having a strategy both for today and for what’s on the horizon; the entrepreneurial mindset; successfully capturing value during the scaling process, and more! With attention given to both sides of the innovation coin, this engaging conversation is a must-listen for anyone working to foster innovation within their organizations.

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