81. Innovation at Johnson & Johnson: A Conversation with Dr. William Hait


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In this episode, Dr. William Hait, Global Head of Johnson & Johnson External Innovation, discusses how the 135 year old company is using the principles of disruption to improve the trajectory of healthcare across the globe. Dr. Hait, who leads a unit comprised of Johnson & Johnson Innovation, the Lung Cancer Initiative at Johnson & Johnson, and the company's World Without Disease Accelerator, oversees the creation of transformational new growth platforms. Hosted by Innosight's Josh Suskewicz, they discuss The Innovator’s Prescription and how one of the keys to disruption in healthcare is the democratization of products and services enabled by the deskilling of complex medical procedures; eliminating disease through prevention, interception, and cure (including why a focus on prevention is so crucial and so challenging); redefining how we think about disease; the importance of anchor assets; and why the support of leadership at the highest levels is crucial to warding off disruption in incumbent organizations. Listen to learn more about how Johnson & Johnson has positioned itself to actively look for disruption on the horizon, leading to frequent investments in or partnerships with would-be disruptors, a strategy that has helped to turn perceived threats into tangible opportunities for the future of innovation in healthcare.

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