68. Remodeling Venture Capital, with Elliott Parker


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In the early days of venture capital, investors played a dual role as financiers and innovators, partnering with their portfolio companies to design and develop their operations from the ground up. Nowadays most VC firms don't generate and pursue innovations but rather source and grow start-ups that already exist. For established businesses seeking to self-disrupt with autonomous units, these circumstances pose a distinctive challenge that contemporary venture capitalists are generally ill-equipped to solve. Elliott Parker, CEO of High Alpha Innovation, is using theory to guide him in rekindling an earlier, partnership model of venture capital in a new form: the venture studio. A former Innosight consultant whose work has spanned growth, strategy, and operations, Elliott is hosted by Anibha Singh, herself an Innosight alum and a current Research Associate at Harvard Business School. We hope you enjoy this fascinating conversation on the future of innovation and venture capital!

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